Toei Animation Teases Ojamajo Doremi Team’s 2020 Magical Girl Film

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The Ojamajo Doremi section of Toei Animation's AnimeJapan 2019 booth displayed a poster on Saturday that teased a new animation project for a 2020 screening. The poster's text states, "Wanted: Witch Apprentices." The poster also lists Junichi Sato (Sailor Moon, Aria, Princess Tutu), the director of the original Ojamajo Doremi anime, as directing the project alongside Yū Kamatani (Precure franchise episode director) at Toei Animation. Midori Kuriyama (episode scriptwriter for Lovely Complex, Heartcatch Precure!) and Yoshihiko Umakoshi (Boys Over Flowers, Mushi-Shi) are also returning from Ojamajo Doremi as scriptwriter and character designer, respectively.

The anime series is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The poster does not specifically state that the work is a project for Doremi.

Ojamajo Doremi producer Hiromi Seki once stated his desire to make an adaptation of the novel series that features the girls in high school in 2015.

The first Ojamajo Doremi anime series originally premiered in Japan in 1999, and 4Kids began broadcasting a heavily edited version of the series in the United States in 2005 under the title Magical DoReMi.

The Ojamajo Doremi novel series that began in 2011 takes place during the heroines' high school days. The series has 19 books. Kuriyama wrote the novels, and Umakoshi illustrated them.

Source: Toei Animation's booth at AnimeJapan 2019

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