Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Drive a Small Vehicle

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Is bigger always better? Not necessarily–especially when it comes to driving vehicles. Yes, we know it’s the age of thee SUVs where those with the heftiest brawns and gargantuan sizes reign supreme. But stay with us for a minute. Ask yourself this question: Are you single, a tightwad (a.k.a CHEAP), and/or a city-dweller? If you said yes to one or more of them, then driving a small car (or compact vehicle) is practically the best decision you can make for yourself. Here are three important reasons why:

1. Compact cars are great for singles (or those with small families)

Are you single or have a small family? If you do, then you really don’t need all that space. You’re actually just wasting unnecessary fuel as your engine works overtime to compensate for the added weight of a huge vehicle. What’s more, the added space also means it has to work harder to cool down (or heat up) your car’s interior. Again, this adds to more fuel powering up the engine–and more expenses in the long run.

2. Small vehicles are great for those who are scrimping their budget on fuel

A compact car is your ‘bestest’ friend if CHEAP is your middle name and FRUGAL is your last name. Not only do they require less fuel to run their small engines, but they can also accelerate faster due to their lighter weight. Translation: HUGE savings on fuel. We can already imagine a big smile on your face.

3. Compact vehicles are great for urban dwellers

No one understands traffic better than those who live in the city. Not only is its traffic-infested roads a hellish nightmare for motorists, but overpopulation has made Metro streets narrower and parking spaces smaller. This won’t be a problem for small cars, though. Their sizes alone can fit in the tightest spaces without so much as blinking an eyelash.

Now try doing that with a big SUV and you’ll understand what we mean.

Final Word

These are just three of the most important reasons why you should drive a  small car. Still, we’re not discouraging you to overlook the bigger vehicles as well. They too, have something to offer that a small car can’t give–which is lots of space. At the end of the day, your needs will determine which vehicle to drive. Choose well.


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