Top 5 Reasons for a Car Breakdown in the Middle of the Road

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Having your car break down in the middle of the road can be a huge hassle, not to mention terrifying. Getting stuck in the middle of the road is a hazard for every vehicle, and so it pays to know what you can do to avoid them. Here are the top five reasons for a car breakdown.

1. Electrical hitches

If you have a battery issue, you’re bound to experience an increase in shortened trips and electrical problems. When your car undergoes scheduled maintenance, make sure to have the technician clean the battery terminals and ensure they are clamped securely. If you don’t take out your car very often, charge the battery every two weeks so it doesn’t die on you when you need it most.

If you are having persistent battery problems, there may already be an issue with your alternator. Though alternators can often be repaired, it may be better for you to replace the component instead.

2. Engine complications

A lot of issues can come up from the engine, from spark plugs, to starter motors, and more. However, the most common engine problem that leads to car breakdown relates to overheating, which is often an indication of a problem with your cooling system. Avoid this problem by staying vigilant of any liquid puddle that may form under your car when parked, then have the leak located and fixed immediately.

3. Transmission issues

A transmission trouble often starts out as an unusual noise whenever you operate your gear shifter, and then further develops into erratic performance where your gears fail to shift on command. When your transmission blows, that’s when your car either stops moving or will no longer be unable to shift. As you can imagine, this can be dangerous if it occurs to you in the middle of the road. Having your transmission regularly checked and serviced at the suggested intervals will alert you of any potential problems in the system before they worsen.

4. Fuel-related troubles

Over time, your car’s fuel filter can get clogged with contaminants, which blocks the flow of fuel to your engine. Without fuel, your engine will stop running. This is another issue that can be avoided when you stick to your periodic maintenance schedule.

Another fuel-related reason that a car breaks down is when you put in the wrong fuel. Whenever you drive into the station for gas, always look at what the attendant is putting into your car and make sure it’s the right type of fuel.

5. Tire problems

Unlike the other reasons on this list that require a bit of troubleshooting to confirm, a flat tire is easily seen. It’s important to check your tire condition and pressure at least once a week to avoid a situation that can lead to a breakdown.

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