Truck Rebuilders Group Reiterates Call for Separate Classification from Used, Reconditioned Vehicles

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The leadership of the truck rebuilders group reiterated their call to the government to create a new category for their products.

Used Trucks Rebuilders and Importers Association of the Philippines (UTRIP) President Jaime Vicente said that the group has been complying with roadworthiness and emission regulations.

A 25-company strong organization that operates used truck rebuilding centers within Metro Manila, UTRIP is under the umbrella of the Confederation of Truck Rebuilders and Importers Association of the Philippines (CTRIP).

According to him, the group might go out of business come June 30 given that the new guidelines to be imposed by the government are virtually impossible to be complied with.

“First World countries such as US, Europe, Japan have a thriving industry on this, so we believe it’s high time, we have (it) here in Philippines,” Vicente said.

Vicente added that his organization issued a position paper dated December 12, 2018, seeking for its own classification that’s different from brand-new or even used.

“Therefore, it is our industry’s prayer that the government bestows upon a rebuilt truck its own classification quite distinctive from either brand-new or used, and give it due consideration in every policy-making in the future,” the paper stated.

Aside from that, Vicente and Allan Sesaldo, president of CTRIP, said that they also sought for the resumption of the issuance on certificate of authority to import (CAI) applied for by duly-accredited rebuilders, whether or not their respective rebuilding sites are in a freeport zone, “until such judicious resolution of this matter is reached.”

In a letter addressed to Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade, Vicente cited that the truck rebuilding industry was conceptualized by the government in 2003 through Department Order 08-03, issued by the Bureau of Import Services-Department of Trade and Industry (BIS-DTI).

According to Vicente, UTRIP employs about 50,000 highly-skilled production line workers.

“It is the kind of industry where we were vigorously encouraged to invest into by the government shortly after its introduction 17 years ago, and for which our pioneering members obliged in the advent of the implementation of Executive Order No. 156, better known as the ‘Comprehensive Industrial Policy and Directions for the Motor Vehicle Development Program’ issued in the year 2002,” said Vicente.

Meanwhile, Vicente said that their group is composed of responsible and safety-conscious used-truck rebuilders.

As such, they import completely knocked-down trucks from Japan, Europe, and the US, and transform them into completely-built units. In the process, truck parts and components that required replacing in the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, as well as electrically-controlled components such as headlights, signal lights, tail lights, wipers, horns, GPS, are replaced with new parts and components. Tires are also replaced with new ones whenever necessary.

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