Twitch plays Microsoft Flight Simulator, lands plane safely

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The internet continues to go wild for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the latest proof of which is that it's joined the likes of Pokemon and Dark Souls as a game that can be played by the Twitch chat hivemind. Twitch plays Flight Simulator is the work of game developer Rami Ismail, formerly of Vlambeer, who made it overnight and has been adding additional controls as required by the players in chat.

You might think a group of randos in a chat room would struggle to agree with each other long enough to issue sensible commands to a bot flying a plane on their behalf, and sometimes you'd be right. But they have managed a complete flight, piloting a Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner as it took off from Košice, Slovakia, flew around for an hour, and then landed safely at back at Košice International Airport. They came in a little early on the landing, but otherwise were successful.

Perhaps more impressively, they survived doing a barrel roll over the ocean. If Twitch chat can pull this off, the rest of us have no excuse.

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