UD Trucks Launches Croner, Eyes Maximize Uptime and Productivity

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UD Trucks and Prime Quest Transport Solutions Inc. has recently launched their latest offering in the Croner in their bid for a “truck that the world needs today.”

An all-new medium-duty truck, the Croner was said to be built for its growth markets across Asia, Africa, Middle-East, and South America.

Coined from the Greek God of time, Chronos, the Croner is designed to excel in the medium-duty segment to compete in growth markets.

Available in two gross vehicle weight (GVW) models–the LKE and PKE, and their wheelbase variants–the Croner can offer up to several different basic configurations to suit specific demands of various industries. Additionally, the air suspension on all variants is available as an option to protect customers’ cargo, especially when travelling on rough road conditions.

Jacques Michel, Senior Vice President, UD Trucks International Sales, noted the reliability of the vehicles.

“UD Trucks believes that more time spent on the road and less time in the workshop adds up to the success of our customers’ business. It is our aim for Croner to make every moment count, through maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime on every run our customers make,” Michel said.

“The superiority of Croner comes from the best of three worlds–UD Trucks’ strong Japanese heritage and craftsmanship, Volvo Group’s global technology and sourcing, and local manufacturing and customer support. Further to that, with UD Trucks’ Ultimate Dependability standard and ‘Gemba’ spirit incorporated in every aspect, each component is the result of years of development and stringent stress testing–a true testament to the Japanese hallmarks of quality,” said the executive added.

UD Trucks Philippines Managing Director Steve Hedouin claimed that the company has seen the growth in the region.

“In the last few years, UD Trucks has seen tremendous growth especially in Southeast Asia, in some key markets like Philippines. I strongly believe that the combination of the Japanese heritage of UD Trucks, the local ‘Gemba’ spirit where value is created and the strong support from the Volvo Group, UD Trucks can definitely bring customers’ success to the next level,” said Hedouin.

“Philippines is a market where UD Trucks has historically been strong, where it has since long ago earned customers’ trust across the nation,” he claimed.

Hedouin confidently said that the new Croner “is the truck that can help meet our customers’ requirements and expectations to manage their key business challenges.”

The company stated that customer-focused aftersales support and advanced features results to a decreased number of service turnover.

Croner utilizes the new GHE engine series, automatic transmission, a built-in fuel coach, and a more aerodynamic cab which reduces the coefficient of drag (CD) more significantly by five percent.

Croner is equipped with UD Telematics that is aimed at maximizing profitability and uptime with services such as fuel utilization reports, track & trace, proactive support.

UD Trucks goes the extra mile for smart logistics by delivering the truck and services in Croner that the transportation companies today in the Philippines can rely on.

“Going the Extra Mile” is the brand promise of UD Trucks with a focus on fuel efficiency, uptime, reliability and drivability, while meeting today’s high standards for safety and environment, allowing UD Trucks to provide customers with the best products and services in the market to meet their business needs.

Extra Mile Support services UD Trucks takes pride in its comprehensive set of UD Extra Mile Support services, such as UD Genuine Service and Parts, UD Driver Training, and UD Trust Service Agreements. These were developed to ensure its trucks such as the Croner run and remain in optimum condition to go the extra mile, saving minutes, hours, and days over the years.

In addition to its Extra Mile Support, UD Trucks also offers professional telematics solution that provides customers with real time information and reports to improve their fleets’ operation. By connecting its trucks to the UD workshops, UD Trucks enables proactive and continuous workshop support to its customers.

Source From:https://www.carmudi.com.ph/journal/ud-trucks-launches-croner-eyes-maximize-uptime-and-productivity/


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