Undertale Live concert lets its audience influence the performance

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Toby Fox's indie powerhouse Undertale is hitting the stage with Undertale Live, a concert that transforms the game's one-hundred track soundtrack and choice-driven story into an interactive experience. 

Through a voting system, audience members will be able to affect the outcome of the performance by deciding how to resolve encounters, either through violent or peaceful means. This follows the original game's structure where players could choose one of its three routes of neutral, pacifist, or genocide. 

The concert is being produced by AWR Music Productions and will be performed by the Fifth House Ensemble, the same group who performed thatgamecompany's serene adventure game Journey on stage.

In an email interview with Kotaku, artistic director Dan Visconti said that "no two performances of Undertale Live will ever go gown quite the same way." 

"We want this to be a show that cares as much about the fans as they care about Undertale," said Visconti. "And fans can continue to expect some aces up our sleeve as excitement builds for the upcoming release od the game's long-awaited followup, Deltarune."

Undertale Live will debut in Chicago at the Studebaker Theatre next January but unfortunately, the event has completely sold out. But, if you're super desperate to see your favourite track from the OST, Temmie Village, live on stage, then you can sign up to a mailing list to see any upcoming announcements. 

Source From:https://www.pcgamer.com/undertale-live-concert-lets-its-audience-influence-the-performance/


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