Vic Sotto’s son eyes Pasig mayoralty post

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MANILA – Pasig City Councilor Vico Sotto is hoping to introduce a new brand of politics by running for the city's top post against incumbent mayor Robert Eusebio in the midterm polls.

The son of celebrities Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes said he wants to focus on issues and not on celebrity endorsement in his campaign.

"I've always been a bit cautious of showbiz politics. I want to introduce and forward a politics that focuses on the issues," Sotto said in an interview on ANC's Headstart on Wednesday.

Sotto said while the celebrity factor is an advantage, he avoids showbiz rallies and showbiz caucuses.

"So walang sayawan, walang kantahan…I really want to do things different. We go to a certain place, we talk about the issues, we talk about our platform, we talk about why we need change, 'yun lang po." he said.

At 29 years old, Sotto believes there is no better time than now to challenge the incumbent mayor. He admits that going up against Robert Eusebio won't be easy as they do not have the funds and the machinery like they do. 

"I believe we have a good chance to win but I'm not afraid to lose. If I was afraid I wouldn't have run. I'm here now. I'm in a position to introduce real and long lasting change in my city," he said.

The Eusebio family, he said, has been given the chance to be mayor of Pasig City for 27 years but progress has only been concentrated in one side of the city and has only benefited a few.

"Now is the time for the whole of Pasig, especially the poor, to benefit from the richness of our city. The situation, I believe, calls for someone who has unquestionable integrity, who has the fear of God, and someone who is really going to put forth principled politics," Sotto said.

Sotto said their city has one of the biggest budgets in the entire country at P10.7-billion. However, it's surprising why some public hospitals in the city lack medicines for the poor.

If he wins, Sotto plans to reduce infrastructure spending and allocate P2.4-B to healthcare expenses to fully implement universal healthcare.

"Changing how the budget is spent is really reducing infrastructure, increasing health and livelihood programs to reduce poverty," he said.

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