Vignettes is a beautiful shape-shifting puzzler out now on PC

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Vignettes, one of my favorite mobile games, is now out on PC—and it's a "reworked" version of the original with "numerous improvements and previously unreleased content".

It's a very light puzzle game in which you rotate colorful objects, and as you pull them around they'll change shape. For example, when you stand a fire hydrant on its end so that you can only see one color, it morphs into a garbage can. Rotate the garbage can at the right angle and it will transform into a curled-up cat. You'll get the idea if you watch the trailer, above.

It's full of charming little interactions and secrets to find: the fire hydrant will spray water in a circle, and if you tap the garbage can the lid will open and a pair of cat's eyes will peep at you from the darkness, hinting at the next object.

Some of the puzzles take a few minutes of prodding to solve, but they're mostly simple, and I find it very relaxing. That's largely down to the soundtrack, created by David Kanaga of Proteus and Oikospiel fame. It's equal parts charming and hypnotic.

At $7.19/£5.84, which includes a 10% launch discount, it's a lot more expensive than the mobile version. But if you haven't grabbed it on your phone, this sounds like the definitive edition. You can buy it on Steam.

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