VIRAL: MMDA probes video of motorists refusing to let ambulance pass

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MANILA – The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said it was probing an incident where several vehicles failed to immediately give way to an ambulance during an emergency.

The motorists caught on the video obstructing the ambulance in Cabuyao, Laguna last Friday will be summoned and asked to explain, MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia said Monday.

These motorists might also be charged and penalized, and might pay a fine of P2,000, with their license suspended for three months for counterflowing and obstruction violations.

Garcia said the motorists violated the right of way provision in the law for emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks and the police.

He also reminded motorists that not giving way to these emergency vehicles or tailing such vehicles to avoid traffic remained punishable by law.

LTO has an old law on these violations, slapping a P50 fine on violators. Garcia, however, said MMDA has its own policy, which will be applied to the violators in the incident.

Garcia also said he found the video very alarming as it clearly showed that the incident was a matter of life and death.

There are no elaborate tips for motorists once sirens of ambulances or fire trucks are heard. They are just asked to give way by slowing down and moving to the side to let the emergency vehicles pass.

Even while in a congested EDSA highway, there is no excuse not to move your vehicle to the side, Garcia explained.

Garcia said motorists must always assume that the ambulance either has a patient to transport to a hospital or is on the way to pick up a patient who is in dire need of medical help.

Garcia said there are no exemptions to this rule, not even the media, unless they are part of police operations at that time.

The video, taken inside the ambulance and posted by Facebook user Jing Zamora, showed vehicles counterflowing and not letting the ambulance pass.


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