Volkswagen ‘Edits’ White Volkswagen Beetle in Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ Album Cover

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How a vehicle is parked can be a big deal. This is especially true if it’s seen in an iconic album from The Beatles.

Take the case of the white Volkswagen Beetle that appears in The Beatles’ iconic “Abbey Road” album. If you look really close at it, you’ll notice that the Beetle is parked awkwardly on the curb on one side of the street:

From YouTube

We’re not saying it’s parked illegally; however, it doesn’t fit Volkswagen’s exact taste–which should look neater and more “symmetrically-parked” on the curb.

So what does the nitpicky German auto company do? Photoshop the entire cover album–even the Beatles. Also gone are the old vehicles strategically lined on the side of the street. They’re now replaced by more modern vehicles.

From Youtube

No need to fret if you’re a die-hard Beatles fan, though. MSN Auto reported that it’s part of the company’s way of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the album while raising money for a children’s charity in Sweden as well.

Moreover, this humorous editing is part of its strategy to introduce Volkswagen’s “Park Assist Technology.” This feature allows your car to park practically by itself, “cleverly steering into the tightest of spaces at the touch of a button.” The only “hard” work you have to do is work the pedals. You can own a copy of this photo (sent in PDF form) by downloading it from this site. However, it’s been recently sold out, so another option would be to donate USD25 to Volkswagen Sweden. This will be for a limited time only, so better send in your donations as soon as possible.

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