Watch over 3 hours of Borderlands 3 gameplay footage right here

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We've got a nuclear payload of Borderlands 3 gameplay footage to sink your teeth into today. Above, you'll find 105 minutes of the game in action, focused on Amara, the Siren Vault Hunter. This footage showcases everything from the the lavish, futuristic city backdrop of Meridian, to vehicle combat, your inventory system, and of course, the many guns you'll come across in the game. It's running on a PC, but unfortunately, we weren't allowed to use mouse and keyboard controls. 

And in case you were in any doubt: Borderlands 3's sense of humour has not changed, which will either delight or irritate you, depending on your mileage. Right near the end of the video above you'll watch a quest called 'Rise and Grind' where you get a coffee house back in business, which ends with you literally fetching a coffee for another character, Lorelai. At one point, Lorelai calls another character a "wank muffin". No one can accuse Borderlands of not knowing what it is. 

That's not the only footage of Borderlands 3 we can share with you today. Below, you'll find a further 90 minutes of the game in action, which in total makes over three hours of gameplay for Gearbox's loot-happy FPS. This video focuses on Zane, Borderlands 3's Operative character. You'll see the same areas of Meridian Outskirts and Meridian Metroplex here and some of the same missions, but since Borderlands is open-ended and his skill set is so different to Amara's, it's worth checking out both and seeing how the heroes compare.

James found Borderlands 3 to be pretty similar to Borderlands 2 based on his time with the game—which definitely isn't a bad thing. You can also read about the four best guns we found during the Borderlands 3 demo, discover what Randy Pitchford has to say about Borderlands 3's microtransactions, and find out what both Amara and Zane's skill trees encompass. 

Borderlands 3 is out on September 13th. 

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