Watch World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle Hit 380 KPH From Rider’s POV

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The world’s fastest motorcycle isn’t technically a motorcycle in the traditional sense. The KillaJoule–built and owned be Eva Håkansson, a Swedish mechanical engineer and holder of the fastest ever world speed record for a female motorcycle rider–is a three-wheel, sub-nosed, low-slung and bright-red aerodynamic machine that boasts a top speed of 434 kph…so far.


Håkansson has a need for speed that must be scratched, and so she keeps tweaking her machine and testing it out in the field, constantly trying to beat her own record, which currently stands at 400.278 kph, with a one-way top speed of 434 kph.

Håkansson recently took the KillaJoule on a test run at the Gairdner Salt Flats in Australia, but this time, she had a 360-degree camera in her cockpit that allowed other people to see just as she sees as her bike sped across the salt flats. Check out the video below and make sure to use the arrows to see the different angles in and around the bike.

Though Håkansson only managed 380 kph on the run, it didn’t make watching the video any less terrifying for us.

KillaJoule technical data

Håkansson’s creation comes equipped A123Systems Lithium Nano-Phosphate battery linked to an EVO Electric AFM-240 motor capable of delivering 500 hp. The motor is controlled by two Rinehart Motion Systems PM100 controllers that provide a combined power of 400 hp. With Håkansson on board, the bike weighs a total of 700 kg. Below are the rest of the KillaJoule’s key specs:

  • Dimensions: Length 19 ft (5.6 m), width appr. 21 inches (0.53 m), height appr. 38 inches (0.96 m), wheelbase 150 inches (3.8 m), track width when fitted with sidecar 45 inches (1.14 m)
  • Frame and suspension: Chrome-Moly steel tubing with “Springer” style front end and classic stereo suspension for rear end.
  • Brakes: Disc brakes front and back. Two Kevlar ribbon brake parachute, actuated with Bimba air cylinders.
  • Body: Fiberglass composite nosecone, canopy and sidecar wheel cover made by Nova Kinetics Aerosystems in Flagstaff, AZ. Body panels of pre-painted aluminum from ALRECO.

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