We are Ready to Comply with Child Seat Law–Grab

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Support has been snowballing for the recent enactment of Republic Act 11229 or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act’ as ride-hailing app Grab said that it will be following the mandatory installation of Child Seats in its vehicle partners.

In a statement issued recently, Grab Philippines said that it is currently in talks with a third-party supplier to provide the Child Seats to their vehicle-partners in accordance with the law.

Grab Public Affairs Manager Nicka Hosaka said that they are ready to carry it out within the Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) community as soon as the implementing rules and regulations of the law are made available.

“We have been working with a third-party supplier of car seats to ensure that the supply complies with international safety standards as well as with the safety specifications under the law,” she  said.

“Safety is in Grab’s DNA and we continue to support transport safety measures initiated by the government. Our cooperation in the implementation of this new law is assured as part of our commitment to provide safer rides and more pleasant Grab experience to our passengers every day,” she added.

As of February this year, Grab has 48, 000 active TNVS partners.

Furthermore, Hosaka told CARMUDI PHILIPPINES that they are keen on providing a trial batch of 100 units that will carry child seats
Targeted to be out by second or third quarter this year, the Child Seats will be given for free to selected operators
Asked if all the vehicle-partners shall carry child seats, Hosaka said that it will be on preferential basis since not everyone will be using child seats. 
“Not everyone will be using child seats; some of the riders are all adults and the child seat usually eats up one seat space. So that we have to study,” she told CARMUDI PHILIPPINES in the interview. 
Aside from that, Grab is also eyeing to put it in their mobile app, so that riders would already know if the vehicle they would be using has a child seat or not. 
“Hopefully, by the time we release the Child Seats to the trial batch, the system should be able to reflect it,” she said. 

Source From:https://www.carmudi.com.ph/journal/we-are-ready-to-comply-with-child-seat-law-grab/


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