Which Family Car Should You Buy: SUV or Wagon?

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The SUV is currently the most popular car category in the world, besting the sales of sedans, compacts, and everything else in almost every automotive market across the globe. For car-buying families, it’s easy to see why: SUVs are spacious, possess the most advanced safety technologies, and have versatile seating arrangements and boot spaces to accommodate different types of cargo.

But there’s actually another type of car that has all these qualities: the station wagon.

Before you settle with the default option, it may help for you to consider buying a station wagon instead. There are many great wagon options out there, some with advantages that make them the better choice over SUVs.

Boot space

Wagons are generally longer than SUVs, which means longer wheelbases and larger boot spaces. Ultimately, this means more comfortable legroom for rear passengers and more storage space for cargo. Some wagons even have 50 liters of additional storage over their SUV counterparts.

Better driving

The taller stance of the SUV is also one of its biggest disadvantages, as it diminishes their handling capabilities to a point. Wagons, on the other hand, have bodies that sit closer to the road, and this lower center of gravity makes them more agile and stable to drive, especially when turning or making emergency evasive maneuvers.


Some SUVs forgo installing rear air-conditioning vents to save space. For parents with kids prone to car sickness and irritability, these cars just won’t do. The rear AC is practically standard in station wagons, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a model without one.

Getting a flat tire is practically part-and-parcel of vehicle ownership. SUVs tend to come with bulky wheels and tires, so replacing them often involves a lot of work and effort. Meanwhile, wagons tend to have more reasonably-sized tires and wheels, making their replacement less of a chore.

Fuel economy

Station wagons are typically lighter than an SUV of similar size. This means better fuel efficiency and reduced costs for maintaining and servicing tires.

Whether you go with a station wagon or SUV, the good news is that there are plenty of great choices either way. As long as know what your priorities are, and are aware of how the vehicle’s specific features can benefit you, you may find the right type of car for your family.

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