Yen Press Issues Correction Regarding 2 Persona 5 Manga Licenses Mistakenly Announced at Anime Expo

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Publisher Yen Press announced on its website and on Twitter on Friday that "due to an error" on the company's part, the company mistakenly announced licenses to the Persona 5 Mementos Mission and Persona 5 a la Carte manga at its Anime Expo panel on July 4.

Yen Press added, "To be clear, Yen Press has not been granted the rights to publish these titles in English." The company apologized for any confusion caused by the original announcement.

Rokuro Saitō and Atlus' Persona 5 Mementos Mission manga centers on a story where "protagonist
Ren Amamiya and model Ann Takamaki get caught up in a failed attempt on the life of an entertainment agency director." Atlus and Comptiq Editorial Department's Persona 5 a la Carte manga is a comic anthology. Both manga are based on the Persona 5 game and anime franchise.

Source: Yen Press' website, Twitter account

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