YURiKA Sings Little Witch Academia VR Game’s Theme Song

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Game developer UNIVRS announced at its panel for the Little Witch Academia VR Broom Racing game that YURiKA is singing the theme song for the game. Another musical contributor to the Little Witch Academia anime, Yuiko Ōhara, is collaborating on the lyrics and music for the game's theme song.

In a written message to the panel, director Hiroyuki Imaishi (Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill) asked UNIVRS to "please make a VR game out of my movie, Promare! I want a game where you can rescue people around Promepolis!"

The planned Kickstarter campaign for the game launched on Wednesday. The campaign aims to raise US$46,386, and has raised US$7,424 by press time.

UNIVRS describes the game:

The player becomes a character in the game and can freely fly around the sky on a broom and race using magic. This VR game uses UNIVRS's unique anti-motion sickness technology (patent pending) to greatly reduce the VR motion sickness that has limited VR games up until now. This game will be an amazing flying experience that will make the player truly feel like they're flying!

UNIVRS is aiming to release the game in April 2020.

Studio Trigger's Little Witch Academia television anime premiered on January 2017 and concluded with 25 episodes in June 2017. Netflix debuted the first 13 episodes outside Japan in June 2017, and added episodes 14-25 in August 2017. The television series was preceded by a 2013 short from director Yoh Yoshinari and a Kickstarterfunded sequel.

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